A cadelinha Ginger, que morava em Zâmbia, país que fica na África Oriental, vivia em um local onde servia apenas para fazer a segurança. Ela não recebia nenhum tipo de cuidado e nem de carinho.

Lá, ela viu sua irmã canina ser espancada até a morte e vivia muito assustada, passando a maior parte do tempo escondida debaixo dos carros que existiam na propriedade.

Até que, felizmente, duas mulheres que viajavam pela África conheceram a cadelinha e decidiram resgatá-la.

A partir de então, Ginger teve uma mudança drástica em sua vida. E para melhor. Ela foi adotada por uma das mulheres e hoje vive viajando pela África com sua nova mamãe.

Tocada com a situação de Ginger, a mulher que ficou com a cadela iniciou um projeto para ajudar cães necessitados na África. Além de salvar os cachorros, o projeto também passa por escolas locais para ensinar para as crianças coisas sobre os cães e sobre como eles devem ser tratados.

Ging, the Landcruiser and I. We are all one on this amazing adventure ??? (and the fleas…?) #nomadwithmydog

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3 months today we rescued Ging in Zambia! ? It seems forever! We have been traveling through Africa together, crossing countries, getting on boats, sleeping in the car,… it is never easy. Traveling full-time is much more exhausting than I ever thought, and on top of that add a dog. Do you know that all the people who say they are nomads just about 10% are really for full-time. Thats what we are, always moving, always on the road not knowing more than some days in front. Thinking to maybe settle for some months and focus on @the.dog.project, still don't know where ?but after I go to Zimbabwe to renew my passport as I will be illegal in Zambia at the end of this week ?? Ging and I between the wild flowers of Mt. Mulanje! Absolutely magical! ??? #nomadwithmydog #noteasy #wild #hike #mountain #wildflowers #trekking #hiking ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @geopetric is a cool cruelty free brand. Use the code GINGER to get 20% off at @geopetric ??

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When my travel started, in January, leaving Barcelona, it wasn't planned at all to get Ging. But it was meant to be. Now I can not imagine all this adventure with out her (although it would have been much easier – you don't know how true this is -). She showed me a new whole level of myself, a person who just cares about how awesome the place is and not caring anymore how many fleas (even ticks) I have on our mattress in our Landcruiser (I do care…but not really), or if I have my shoes or not, or when did I have my last shower (it can be more than a week ago and I don't care at all). She forced me to be wild and free. Happy birthday Ging Mou! I don't know if she is showing me Africa or I am showing it to her, but travel through Africa together living in a car has changed us forever, that is for sure ✨ #nomadwithmydog #sunset #wearenomads #andwild

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