Steve Greig dedica sua vida para adotar pets especiais, aqueles que normalmente esperam a vida inteira por uma família, mas por motivos como idade, deficiência física ou espécie, ficam no final da fila.

Essa linda missão começou em homenagem a sua falecida cadelinha Wolfgang, uma Pinscher que o marcou profundamente.

Munido com amor e o desejo de ajudar, ele foi ao abrigo e procurou o animal que tinha menos chances de ser adotado. Foi então que ele encontrou Eeyore, de 12 anos.

A partir daí sua missão de auxiliar animais idosos e necessitados começou. Hoje sua casa conta com a presença de 8 cachorros (Waylon, Edsel, Josh, Englebert, Eeyore, Edna, Loretta, Phyllis e Enoch), o porco Bikini, o coelho Stuart e a galinha Oprah.

Para a nossa sorte, Steve compartilha através da conta Wolfgang2242 o dia a dia dessa família super especial e com isso incentiva a adoção.

Ele possui um site que vende camisas com sua turminha de pets e o lucro é todo revertido para a luta contra os cachorros que ainda vivem nas ruas.


Waiting just inside my front door… While I would love to take credit for taking this picture I can’t, it was taken by @shainafishman one of New York’s finest pet photographers. We were introduced a couple years ago at a get-together and she took a picture for me of Englebert that I love so much I framed it and hung it on the wall. I was excited that we were recently able to coordinate our schedules and she came to the house to take pictures of the entire gang. (She also generously shared a few professional tips that will hopefully increase my photo taking skills, but don’t hold your breath. ?) I have a few more photos of hers to share in the next few weeks, including one of Edna that is absolutely priceless. From top to bottom: Waylon, Edsel, Josh, Englebert, Eeyore, Edna, Loretta, Phyllis, Enoch, and Bikini, peeking around the corner. She just had to see what she was missing.

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I’m one of those people that rarely get sick. This week I got so sick I couldn’t get out of bed to feed everyone and that has never happened. The dogs seemed to know something was wrong and didn’t want to leave my side. Englebert decided sitting on my head would be the best way to protect me and I was just too tired to move him. Luckily my housekeeper came in and took over the daily chores. When my friend took me to the hospital on Thursday we left the house to 9 mournfuly howling dogs clawing at the front door. (I’m sure Bikini was upset too but she’s probably just one of those that hold it in…… ?) I’m home now and starting to feel back to normal, and I’m very thankful for the healing comfort these guys bring me, day in and day out.

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Okay, this picture might be a slight exaggeration, but I swear it seems like this is what I have to make my way through every time I run up the stairs to get something or to go to the bathroom; loving obstacles at every step. Waylon is the best at this. He has a keen sense for knowing exactly which direction your next step will be and he strongly feels the need to get there first, just to check it out. (I have a handyman that like to say Waylon was named very appropriately because he’s always in the Way…lon). I’m not complaining. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, it sharpens my agility skills and keeps my mind alert and at some point I’m sure all of that will come in handy. ? And no, Bikini wouldn’t pose for this picture. Her window of cooperation has a very small opening and it doesn’t include group poses on the stairway. #gettingoutofthewaylon

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A group throwback picture in honor of Hercules’s (and Madeline’s) recent passing. I get asked a lot about how I managed to cope with the inevitable heartbreak that comes with senior dog adoption. I think that the heartbreak is offset by the increased appreciation I have for life specifically because I have a house full of seniors. When you are young or when your pets are young its easy to take them (and everything else) for granted. The end is so far away that you don’t even think about it and it’s easy to overlook the intricate beauty of the daily dance. It happens to all of us; life is busy, you wake up, you go to work, you go to bed and before you know it a year or two has gone by. Having senior pets helps to change that pattern and slow everything down. I watch them so closely. I help them with things that younger pets can do for themselves and so I get to celebrate the ordinary; days when everyone eats all their food, the nights we are able to go for a walk, the times they don’t need any medicine, or the times when the medicine they do need cures them. Those little things make me stop and feel that everything is right in the world at that moment. It makes me look around and take stock of all the love in my life, and smile about the love that has been there before. #slowdance Picture by @senior_dogs_across_america

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